COMEX PREMIER is a new strong community
Company COMEX PREMIER combines social skills with the investment power of thousands members and investors. The initial investment starts from 10$.
Our missions
Our goal is to help all members to achieve their financial goals. We achieve this through high profit sharing and the power of community.
Our rules
We accept members from almost all countries of the world, except the US, North Korea, Myanmar, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Each member must be at least 18 years old and have to verify themselves.
Our targets
Our goal is to make all customers financially successful and independed. The Company and community will help all members to achieve success.
Our gifts
New members get an instant starting bonus of 10$, without private investment. Active and verified accounts can withdraw bonuses instantly.
Reach your financial goals

COMEX PREMIER Company invests funds in various and highly profitable projects and start-ups. Our activities are not subject to any risk or lose. We invest only in proven and reliable spheres. The investing spheres are very different, ranging from online trading and gambling projects. Investors can earn from1% to 2% on a daily basis.

Affiliate program

Tell about our community and COMEX PREMIER will help you to get extra income with company affiliate program.

You will receive reward of 5% from deposits of your partners from first level, and 3% from second and 2% from third level.

Our COMEX call center will help you to maximize your profit.